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Who We Are

It takes more than just grant money to create lasting change for Asia’s most marginalised communities. Established to meet a growing demand by Inspirasia Foundation and other donors to provide more than just money, the Annika Linden Centre opened in 2013 to provide grant mentorship, capacity building, expertise, and training for Indonesia’s non-profit agencies.

Since then, it has grown to reach more and more changemakers beyond Inspirasia Foundation’s partners and approaches a primary social sector problem from both sides. Firstly, it aims to help organisations overcome a lack of knowledge and access to the right financial and expert support. On the other side, it ensures supporters can influence the changes that they hope for by ensuring they can have open discussions with partners and that their grants end up in the hands of the most capable and impactful changemakers.

We ensure that partnerships and the journey to create social change are effective, long-term and create real long-lasting impact.

Our MISSION is to Create & Support Excellence in Social Change by:

Bridging the gap between international excellence and community leaders on the ground.
Ensuring absolute efficiency in allocation and use of social sector resources.
Creating and supporting excellence in social change.


Centre for Impact

The Annika Linden Centre is a centre for impact and excellence in social entrepreneurship, non-profit work, and philanthropy. By connecting global experts and supporters to outstanding social sector local leaders, the centre provides access to global knowledge, networks and support mechanisms, paving the way for the organisations to fulfil their own potential, maximise the impact in their work and change more lives within the communities they help.

Our History

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In 2002, a terrorist bomb in Bali, Indonesia, killed 202 people. Among them was Mark Weingard’s fiancée, Annika Linden. Devastated by his loss, Mark was inspired to help those affected by the bombings. And so, he set up a philanthropic Foundation which has grown into a leading grant-making foundation, now known as Inspirasia Foundation. The tragedy of the Bali bombings also led to the creation of the Annika Linden Centre as a memorial for Annika and a place to have long-lasting impact and social change within Indonesia.

I have faith, yet I have no religion

I have knowledge, yet I don’t understand

I have vision, yet I cannot see reason

I walk free, free of hatred

I touch you, touch with compassion

I have life, life in your heart

— Mark Weingard, Founder of Inspirasia Foundation and Annika Linden Centre, written after the loss of Annika.

The Annika Linden Centre opened its doors on January 2, 2013, with the aim of bringing in more donations, more mentorships, more volunteering, more training, more impact and more change for the non-profit sector in Bali, while at the same time ensuring many critical services for people with a disability in Bali were accessible. Now, the Annika Linden Centre houses three outstanding local non-profits, supports many other organisations across Indonesia, and has welcomed thousands of visitors through its doors.

Disability Centre


Since its opening, various local non-profit disability organisations have called the Annika Linden Centre home. Its central location, accessible facilities and rights-based approaches have seen the Centre become a hub for disability-related events, trainings and projects. Through this centre, disability NGOs and communities can also advocate and engage the government on many issues they experience. Focusing on access, rehabilitation, education and advocacy, the three disability NGOs currently working at the Annika Linden Centre have made a significant impact on the lives of thousands of people and children with a disability and continue to change lives around Bali and Indonesia.


Puspadi Bali produces prosthetic, orthotics, wheelchairs and rehabilitation services to support persons living with physical disabilities, with a commitment to improving their lives and supporting them to become engaged and productive members of society. Puspadi Bali is a leading disability organisation actively advocating the rights of persons with disabilities.


Yayasan Peduli Kemanusiaan (YPK) Bali offers an integrated physiotherapy clinic and a daily education program for children with disabilities, which integrates classroom education, life skills, and rehabilitation. YPK Bali also offers community-based mobile rehabilitation services to provide persons with disabilities in remote areas access to quality rehabilitation.


DNetwork was established in 2013 with the primary goal of supporting economic empowerment for persons with disabilities, particularly through employment opportunities. DNetwork not only supports persons with disabilities to find work, but also works with local, national and international businesses and organisations to create workforces that are inclusive and accessible for persons with disabilities.


Partnerships and insight-driven collaboration are the cornerstone of the mission to create and support excellence in social change, and many of the Annika Linden Centre’s programs and efforts are delivered in strong partnership with the following entities. These are just examples of the work that the Annika Linden Centre and its partners have delivered.

Founder & Investor

The Annika Linden Centre was created out of the vision and leadership of Inspirasia Foundation, which also provided the initial capital for the project. With more than a decade and over US$12 million in grant making experience in Asia, Inspirasia Foundation envisioned a place that would support and mentor outstanding, high-potential local non-profit leaders with knowledge, training, and infrastructure to develop quality services for marginalised communities and grow solutions to problems of social exclusion and poverty.

Built on the principle of better business through philanthropy, and better philanthropy through business, Inspirasia invests long term grants alongside training and expert support for maximum impact. As a commitment to its ‘more than money’ philosophy in philanthropy, Inspirasia invested in the Annika Linden Centre.

Inspirasia’s investment in the Annika Linden Centre as a business was led by Inspirasia’s Founder & Chairman Mark Weingard, a successful serial entrepreneur and investor.

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