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Twenty One Years On, the Annika Linden Centre Continues Assisting and Rehabilitating the Physically Challenged

Mark Weingard – creating light from darkness. It was October 12th, 2002: Terrorist bombs in Bali killed 202 people. Among them was Mark Weingard’s girlfriend, Annika Linden. Devastated by his loss, Mark wanted to create something positive from the tragic events of that day and immediately started to help those affected by the bombings. The […]

BRI CSR Collaboration inEmpowering Person with Disability through Upskilling

Bank BRI together with the Menembus Batas Foundation held the inauguration of a series of training and apprenticeships in Bali on April 8, 2022. At the end of 2021, BRI and the Menembus Batas Foundation organized training programs in online and offline forms for people with disabilities who want to develop their abilities in the field of administration and also develop the business